The Proxima Hypothesis – Life Around Every Star
Proxima Centauri is a small red dwarf star located just 4.25 light years away. It is slightly closer to Earth than the famous binary pair of Alpha Centauri A and B.  There is an exciting new discovery of a planet around it called Proxima B with a mass of roughly 1.3 times that of Earth. It exists in a temperature zone that has possibility of liquid water on it. See this report:

Earliest posts of this blog have described how, if, temperatures are right for water to exist on a planet, life emerges automatically given enough time. Even the presence of water and oxygen is not necessary to begin with since cyano bacteria can create it before oxygen breathing life emerges. The mechanisms as proposed were an extension of the Panspermia hypothesis and it was dubbed as Pansemeria.

A new hypothesis is now proposed based largely  on an intuitive deduction that is not possible to delineate here,

“Every star in the universe in its prime has at least one planet that exists in a temperature zone to permit existence of liquid water and it is likely that life exists, albeit merely bacterial one, around every star in the universe during its prime.”

The prime of a star implies the stages after birth of a star and before it begins to die. The precise mechanism for this hypothesis is not  known but the proposal is that it is inherent in the very mechanism that creates stars. If this hypothesis be true, then discovery of Proxima B is not at all surprising and many more such shall be made with time. The presence of life however does not imply advanced life necessarily. It may be merely at the bacterial level or it may be advanced depending upon the life of the planet and its precise circumstances. The author has interests in both physical sciences as well spiritual ones and the intuitive part is a consequence of the latter.


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