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Human clothing colors in twenty first century

Ever since Eve ate that mythical apple most humans have felt the need to wear clothes. The earliest clothing consisted of natural materials like leaves, grasses and animal skins and these materials decided the color of clothing. However as civilization progressed other colors were introduced in man made fabrics.
It is interesting to see what the favorite clothing colors of modern humans is. Usually it is the colors chosen by the elite, the rich, famous and beautiful that set the trend, and these can be ascertained quickly through a Google search using carefully selected key words. The search showed that favorite modern dress colors are shades of red and blue along with liberal use of black and white too including gray in male clothing. Shades range from pastel to dark and consist of solid colors in clothing. Use of prints is rare as still common in tribal cultures. Green is used rarely and yellow or orange almost never except as a shade of gold in some celebrity clothing. Brown to app…