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New Studies push back dates of ancient human civilization

With new archeological finds the dates of ancient human civilization are being pushed back,
“Asia's largest and oldest metropolis with gateways, built-up areas, street system and wells was built at the site of Haryana's two villages, including one on the Ghaggar river, according to a new Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report. The report, based on C 14 radio-dating, has said the mounds at Bhirrana village, on the banks of Ghaggar River, in Fatehabad district date back to 7570-6200 BC.”
The 356-page research on Rakhigarhi has been authored by former ASI's archaeology director Dr Amarendra Nath, the holistic study on Bhirrana has been compiled by ASI's former joint director general K N Dikshit and addtional diector general B R Mani.

However, as speculated in some earlier posts yet more ancient remains may now be submerged in coastal regions of Southern India and these sites may be a result of a return to the northern plains with a language similar to archaic Tami…