From Birth to Bliss – The Human Journey

1. Light

Light is the original form of energy, others such as heat and mechanical energy are different forms of it. Matter is a concentrated form of energy. That is why such huge amounts are released in a nuclear explosion.  Creation begins with creation of photons, the fundamental particles of light. Basic elements of our universe are created out of these particles. Planets emerge by matter coalescing together in clumps. The early atmosphere of planets is gases such as hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide.

As life begins to emerge, light is required by the most basic of life forms – Cyano Bacteria. With the help of light they produce oxygen along with water. The latter is produced by a combination of oxygen with other gases such as methane and hydrogen. Oxygen breathing life forms may then emerge. A plausible scenario for this creation and also how higher life forms evolve starting from single cell ones is described in the earliest posts of this blog while later posts describe the development of the earliest civilizations from a unique and original perspective not found in most other literature on the topic.

Light is required directly not only by basic life forms but also higher ones including humans for sustenance. Modern humans that live in crowded homes of crowded cities miss out on sunshine and good health. It is not just Vitamin D that is produced in human bodies with light but also a series of hormones required to function are triggered by the presence or absence of light.

All life forms once created require air, water and food to survive. It is necessary that humans do not destroy the environment that provides these basic needs. Modern humans have destroyed many trees and forests on the planet and face a disaster. However, if all active adult humans planted two trees a year, one of food, then climate change can be reversed and food shortages vanish. However, since all humans will not do it, governments can make up for them through afforestation programs. The climate shall be improved by planting more trees and eliminating pollution of air, water and land not through deals such as COP21. This latter is just some of the stuff that politicians, NGOs etc, release from time to time in order to appease other gullible humans often for their steaks and wine, at least as far as this author has been able to make out.

3. Thrive

Once a life form has found basics for survival it needs love to thrive and the absence of its opposite – violence. We all know that higher life forms such as humans require love and care of a mother soon after birth in order to survive but few realize that even bacteria need love. Bacteria have a simple unprotected genetic structure that can be easily destroyed by numerous toxins that exist in the environment, unless they develop immunity against them. Their simple structures enable bacteria to develop immunity rapidly. These immunity are then shared with other bacteria. Bacteria do not require sex to reproduce. They can multiply on their own by duplication but they require sex to share immunity. An early article on bacteria in this blog describes in more detail how this occurs.

Life requires a reasonable absence of violence in order to thrive. If humans begin to kill each other as they are doing in Syria right now, they can destroy each other rapidly. The foolish leader of Syria refusing to step aside and in order to control a rebellion began to destroy his cities with bombs instead of using his police and army to control the protest on ground as others do, like a small spoiled child who destroys his toys when angered. He has destroyed much of his country at the time of this writing.

Aside from humans, there is also violence from animals, insects, bacteria and viruses. Humans can protect themselves to a great extent from bacteria and viruses through cleanliness and hygiene but if they begin to pour their shit as well the shit (waste) of industry into their environment, rivers and water bodies as they are doing in many countries right now they shall suffer from diseases, ill health and a high level of infant mortality.

Similarly, filling the air with machine farts (emissions of vehicles and power plants), pollutes the air and while this kills many humans, those that survive miss out on good health and vitality that Universe and Mother Earth intended for them. Earth has designed natural mechanisms to take care of cow and human farts but it is unable to deal with those from unnatural sources such as industries and automation.

4. Develop

The requirements as described so far are sufficient for insect and animal life to survive and thrive and even humans if they wish to survive in a manner similar to lower animals. They do so in some primitive parts of the world even today. However through an organized society, humans can get far ahead of lower animals. With their nimble fingers, versatile vocal chords and intelligence, humans are capable of much more. This requires a governance structure for society that is efficient and reasonably free of corruption because corruption is the loot of people under the guise of governance. A system of corruption free and efficient laws, order and justice is a part of the governing structure of society.

Also needed are other things in keeping with the stage of development of human civilization such as education, health services, electricity and water supply, roads and transport, electronic communications and the infrastructure for it. The better a human society gets at these things, the more developed it becomes. A measure of efficiency is order in space and time and the level of it can be assessed very quickly in any country by seeing the condition of traffic on its urban roads and punctuality or lack of it in its various activities

5. Evolve

Once a society has developed and met the first four requirements as described here to a reasonable extent, it may achieve peace and prosperity. However this does not guarantee evolution and attainment of higher values such as happiness, beauty and bliss. It is because of this that even some of the most developed societies on the planet are also full of most stress.

What is required is not just moral and ethical behavior charged with love and truth but also attempts at self/spiritual development through techniques such as yoga, meditation, focus, service, communing with nature, universe etc if humans are to evolve and attain happiness. A companion blog by this author has several simple and interesting articles in small bytes on this last requirement of evolving humans. It can be found at the following link

"When humanity measures wealth by love, truth and wisdom, we shall all be happy"


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