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Men came from Mars and Women from Venus

There were reports in the media recently that conditions were conducive for creation of life on Mars at one time and that life may have come to earth from that planet. I was reminded of the old adage that Men are from mars and the Women from Venus. However, it is not necessary to limit one’s imagination to just Mars or Venus once one has read and understood the theory of Panspermia (or its modification Pansmeria) described in several posts of this blog. The posts describe in detail how it is possible for bacteria in hibernation to arrive on Earth from virtually any part of the universe, from far away galaxies and even other galaxies over millions and billions of years. Within these bacteria are the genetic codes for all life forms that exist on earth and those that are yet to appear. Bacteria even carry the gene of advanced life forms on a planet because they can be infected by viruses carrying break away genes from advanced life forms. 
The genetic make up of bacteria is such as can …

Deleting some old Posts

I do not visit this blog frequently nowadays while my attention is focused on another blog. However, I hope that my interest will be rekindled sooner or later and there would be more new posts. It has been retained because many of its posts are relevant and were ahead of their times when published. However, on a review today I discovered that there were also a few that were a bit too speculative and did not match up with the other posts. therefore three of them were deleted today. In the meantime if any reader wishes to enter a query or comment on any of the earlier posts, please do so I shall know through an email alert and respond quickly.