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An Explanation:

One may wish to enquire why the contents of this blog have been presented as fiction rather than Science. The reason is although large portions of the posts are treated scientifically, there are portions that are not yet backed by hard science. To write it as a scientific article would have required much more rigor. As fiction one may take liberties. Some of the speculations of Pansmeria have now become part of Scientific Panspermia (since 2006). I believe other parts too would become part of science with time. Some small sections may will undoubtedly be proved to be erroneous or in need of modification. However these changes shall not in the main change the hypothesis. Much more speculative liberty has been taken in the historical sections dealing with some early civilizations.
The second question that a reader may ask is why post the matter as if from the mouth of an Alien. The reason is that there is deliberate writing and an inspired one. With inspired writing one …