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Bacteria, the foundation of life

Bacteria are often maligned as the causes of human and animal disease. However that is true only for some bacteria. In fact bacteria are the basis for life. Without them no life at all would have been possible on our planet. Bacteria is a plural word. The singular for this word is “bacterium. They have one chromosome of double-stranded DNA in a ring and most are friendly. Only a few cause disease. But then what life form is there including plants and animals, a few of whom do not cause problems. Bacteria are life because they can multiply by duplication. However, they do not multiply by mating as higher life forms do. In the process, occasionally there are genetic mutations that are preserved, creating new genes. In higher life forms most chance mutations are eliminated by matching between male and female genes during multiplications.
Thus bacteria are at the foundation of creation of life forms. This is where creation of new life forms begins.The genes of more advanced creatures inc…